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Car Hangings

Buy ADORAA’s handcrafted car rear view mirror décor hanging accessories online in India

ADORAA’s has created a unique range of handcrafted car rear view mirror hangings to pep up the decoration of your car. These beautiful mirror charms are crafted in pure brass and have a perfect golden finish, giving it an elegant look. Each of these brass metal car mirror hanging have three components, a handmade thread with brass barrel lock, brass design motif to represent the main design of the metal car hanging charm and a bright color handmade tassel with brass cap and elegant resham threads. The brass used is 100% organic and safe for use and the materials are 100% ethically sourced.

ADORAA’s car rear view mirror hangings have designs which draw a very strong inspiration from the Indian Culture. Thus, the motifs represent elements of Indian Religion, traditional motifs, ancient architecture and popular patterns. Some of the most popular car hangings are Ganesha designs, Om Symbol, Khanda Symbol, Ik Onkar symbol, Radha Krishna and much more. The designs are created using the traditional metal working techniques.  Full cut patterns are created using intricate patterns and motifs which are mostly the traditional motifs. Inside the main outline, there are intricate motifs to bring out the charm of these car rear view mirror hangings. India’s culture is a culmination of the regional cultures and elements of the culture like deities, traditional motifs, art forms keep changing. Adoraa  is trying to beautifully capture this culmination and the variation in designs and the internal patterns is very well captures. Thus, the internal motifs used in each of the designs is mindful of the same. 

Each of the handmade parts of these brass rear view mirror car accessories is then perfected and assembled by our women artisans with handmade accessories like the thread tassels and the hanging dori and then hand packaged in compact see through packaging for you and your loved ones.  These handcrafted accessories are elegant and yet functional and make for an excellent gift for your loved ones. Whether it is a gift for her or gift for him, these car accessories are a useful gift for one and all.

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