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Cultural Significance of Sikh Symbols on Car Dashboards

by Chandan Kumar 07 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Cultural Significance of Sikh Symbols on Car Dashboards

This is a car which means more to you than a simple mode of transport; to many, a car represents their personality and convictions. For some car owners, items placed on the car dashboard are not only decorative items, but also faith /culture statements. The Punjabi/Sikh brass metal collection with some items such as Ik Onkar, Gurunanak Ji, Khanda car dashboard décors presents ‘Gurukripaa’ appeal and elegance to your car interiors making your travel spiritually energetic and styling appealing.

The Elegance of Brass in Car Dashboard Accessories

Brass, a material commonly used due to its hardness and golden colour similar to that found in gold, is also used to design car dashboard accessories. Contrary to what the common man might believe, these brass items are not only eye candy, but they also impart a certain elegance and religious value to the car dashboard. Now, it is interesting to have a brief look at the works that have been showcased in this session.

IK Onkar Car Décor For Dashboard

Literally, Ik Onkar – the symbol of the single eternal entity of God – is an influential iconic concept in the religion. This is why having a décor item like an Ik Onkar car dashboard décor item in your car makes a life full of peace and unity. Used largely in Indian cuisine the rust proof base and heatproof top are a never ending source of divine proportions of the good things in life such as food. It enhances the appearance of your car with a spiritually classy unique design to serve as a showpiece for the car dashboard.

Guru Nanak Ji – Car Dashboard Décor

As many people are devoted to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, this beautifully crafted Asian style car dashboard décor item will let the blessings of Guru Nanak Ji be near at all times. This idol is built in brass and helps in providing a Good Look to your car besides endowing the pious guidelines of Guru Nanak to your travels. This is one of the most appreciated car dashboard deities, known to bring wisdom, guidance and protection when on the road.

Khanda Car Dashboard Décor

Khanda is the symbol which is well known among the Sikhs; it symbolizes knowledge and strength, which derives from God. For those who would love to have something simple which would tell the world about their faith in the Lord, a Khanda car dashboard décor piece will be ideal. Along with beautifying your vehicle, this equipment can be associated with strength and righteousness, which makes this object one of the important items on the car’s dashboard.

While most people use car dashboard decoration as a way of putting up with their favourite songs or agendas, it is crucial to know that it can actually put more meaning into use.

Adding these brass metal symbols beautifies the car as well as gives it layers of meaning – the personal, and the spiritual. Hence whether it is the Ik Onkar, Gurunanak Ji or Khanda, each one of them is a symbol of faith and one’s tradition, reminiscent of the car dashboard sign.

The same is true with people who also like other forms of cultural and religious symbols, a car dashboard Ganesha is also a common preference. These car dashboard god idols not only have features of safeguard but are also best for bringing fortunes and money into your home.

All the same, considering the above points in details, the desking from the Sikh/Punjabi brass metal car dashboard collection is an easy way to customize your vehicle. These are intricately designed works of art which also act as a symbol of your beliefs, as well as a classy addition to the interiors of your car. If you are seriously interested in car dashboard brass accessories or want to find the brass décor that is closer to your spirit and style then follow the links above.

To see even more or to purchase car dashboard idols and accessories similar to those shown in this collection go to link below. The beauty of the Geometric Dashboard: Use signs that depict your faith as well as personality; turn every drive into a worship.

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