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The magic of Dreamcatchers created in brass!

by Vimal Kumar 19 Dec 2022 0 Comments

We are all in love with the concept of dreamcatchers, isn’t it? Mystic, dreamy, and decorative, we all want the dreamcatchers to be woven beautifully to get our perfect dreamcatchers. Generally, we find large thread-woven dreamcatchers in colorful thematic designs highlighting the bohemian culture! Ever wondered if dreamcatchers could also be created in brass metal, in small sizes like a perfect handing decorative accessory for home, office, and car décor? At we have got you covered!

Yes, you read it correctly! Dreamcatchers in Indian design aesthetics, crafted in pure brass metal and a perfect long-lasting golden finish! A great collection of brass metal dream catchers in designs inspired from nature, Indian mythology, Indian arts i.e from Dragonflies to butterflies, from Ganesha to Om Symbol, from floral designs to birds.

A brass Dreamcatcher Accessories creates a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in your house. Many people are unaware that these lovely décor  also have profound meanings. They not only enhance the aesthetic ambiance of your area, but also help to control the energies. We all want to believe in the magical powers of a Brass dreamcatcher. Interestingly, each colour has its own significance. Let's go down to know why and how Brass dreamcatchers may draw positive energy to your house and what their true function is.

Respect and genuine appreciation always come with appropriate comprehension, which is why grasping the underlying significance of Dreamcatchers is essential. Dreamcatchers are more than simply a beautiful hanging decor.

As a perfect Car Rear View Mirror Décor!

Brass Dreamcatchers are thought to bring positive energy into your home while repelling bad energy. You can replicate the same for your car. Our brass dreamcatcher collection can be used as a hanging décor for your car’s rear view mirror. With a perfect thread hanging doring and barrel brass locks, the dreamcatchers are easy to install. The length is just perfect to lift up the décor of your car and at the same time cause no obstruction.

People use colourful dreamcatchers to attain various purposes. Many people choose white to balance their energies and sleep peacefully, while others choose Golden or red to represent passion and achievement. However, we frequently see moms hanging dreamcatchers in their children's rooms to ensure a nice night sleep and wonderful dreams. Dreamcatchers include a variety of dreams, and to avoid bad and frightening nightmares, hang the dream catcher towards the east or south direction. Never face it north since it will draw severe vibrations and if you want to use it in your car as car hanging décor then you can use Brass Peacock dream catcher or Brass Om Ganesha dreamcatcher  

People link dreamcatchers with dreams and sleep, but they have a deeper meaning. To be stable in life, you need to pay attention to the colours. It is also said that if the purpose for hanging a dream catcher is fulfilled, it will dry out or fall apart. If you want comfortable life then choose Golden Colour as it signifies the reminiscence of luxury, success, achievement, triumph, royalty, and fortune. The colour Gold is Gods colour.

The dreamcatcher will remove any negative ideas from your mind, and your dreams will be clean.


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