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A Multipurpose Decor - Car Dashboard Cum Desk Decor

by Vimal Kumar 16 Jan 2022 0 Comments
A Multipurpose Decor - Car Dashboard Cum Desk Decor

Craftsmanship meets utility – Adoraa brings you an excellent range of multiutility décor i.e Car Dashboard cum Desk Décor. Crafted in nickel-free pure brass material, each piece is made of a sturdy solid brass metal base with a precision-cut design mounted on it. The pieces are electroplated ensuring the golden finish is long-lasting.  Packaged in a beautiful box with a double tape affixed on the base so that you can install it easily on your car’s dashboard or just simply keep it at your office or home desk, bookshelf, or as a side table décor.    

        The collection comprises 18 unique designs with most of the designs being of rectangular outline with intricate patterns inside. From spiritual designs, popular Indian mantras, tree of life to India’s map with Vande Mataram design, the collection comprises spectacular designs with detailed patterns.

        The idea of this category is purely based on the repeated request that we received from our customers of car rearview mirror ornaments, that they want something similar for their car dashboard. But while we were developing this category, a pandemic struck our lives, and the culture of work from home emanated. With work from home, came multiple requests for a decorative that people could keep on their work from home set up, accessories to decorate the work desk. Thus we created this highly functional product that could be used for decorating your car’s dashboard, study and work tables at home, office desk for you and your loved one. A perfect gift for your friends, family, and office colleagues.   

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