As Indians we are very familiar with the Symbol Om. So much so that it is an integral part of our ceremonies, rituals and festivals. Infact it dosen’t stop here, the symbol is very commonly a part of our home & outdoor decor elements, accessories etc. 

The symbol is considered to be a spiritual symbol in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It refers to ATRAM i.e Soul, Self within and Brahman i.e ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles and knowledge. And thus, the symbol signifies the Entirety of the Universe.

Now let’s understand the elements of the OM Symbol and their meaning: -

  • The absolute State: - Infinite or absolute consciousness, cannot be expressed by a sound
  • Illusion/Maya: - This is what gets into our way of spiritual development, preventing us from getting to the highest state of Bliss.
  • Dream State: - The middle curve denotes your experience of the world without being fully awake or in deep sleep
  • Conscious State: - Being awake and experiencing life through the 5 senses
  • Unconscious State: - Deep sleep or death

At ADORAA, we couldn’t resist ourselves from creating designs around this powerful symbol. So, we came up with two unique designs of our Car Hanging Accessories which are beautifully crafted in Brass with the age-old metal working techniques. One design is a geometric design with an intricate Hexagon, star and Rectangular pattern and a solid form of the symbol “OM” beautifully sitting in the centre. The other car hanging is crafted in a floral pattern with intricate cutting in the OM Symbol and the petal surrounding. This is a more ornament design for the Car Hanging and would beautifully adorn your car’s rear-view mirror with it’s unmatched Golden shine and bright red tassel and hanging Dori.      

Our range of OM Car Hanging Accessories would perfectly adorn your car’s rear-view mirror and is a perfect gift for self, family and friends. The accessory is beautifully packed in see through packaging for a neat and attractive look for you carry it comfortably as a gift for your loved ones.    

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